Because they have taught us to be strong, generous, committed, passionate, respectful, courageous, creative, empathetic, off-road, determined, patient, empathetic, resilient, fighter, optimistic, authentic women , bright ... and happy like them.
Because they are unique, we have created some Gifts in their honor.
This year, they deserve it more than ever.
Long live the our Mothers!

In 2006, I started to shape this marvellous universe of fashion and fashion jewellery. Since then, we continue to grow and with the desire to design and create accessories which make you feel special and unique, just like you are!

Handcrafted pieces, hand-made and with lots of love. Manufactured from ultra-lightweight, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and easy-to-clean materials. In multiple colours, made in Spain, we deliver worldwide.

Each ANABI piece is unique and exclusive.

Choose the ones you like the most, wear these accessories with your best looks and shine!

COLOUR, LOVE and GOOD HUMOUR(the ingredients that cannot be missing in your life)