My name is Ana Bielsa, creator of the Anabi universe

Since I was a child I had many hobbies and all these had a common denominator, fashion. Over time these hobbies became my passion, I knew that it was my calling. It was not until 2006 when I took a major step forward and opened the first personalised and custom-made fashion jewellery store in Albacete.


Quién es ANABI

It has already ten years of experience and I find it incredible how quickly time has passed and everything which I have learnt, grown and evolved. What was born as a pipe dream, a hope, becomes one's way of life and one might even say that it is already a lifestyle philosophy.

Year after year the objective is to improve and to always offer the latest, unique, artisanal designs, which are exclusive season after season, incorporating innovative materials and first and foremost all putting all the enthusiasm and desire that is wished to be conveyed to you in each piece, what is most important is that you enjoy these pieces

The philosophy is always the same "artisan pieces made with much love from Albacete for everyone and as the world is a very large place, opening up an online store to reach all corners of the world..

It was an initial challenge, but now it is a continuous learning, and one is excited to reach each and every one of you with our pieces, you will have a part of Anabi in each piece, I assure you.

And finally, I take this opportunity to thank you for placing your trust in the artisan work done in Spain, .

if you would like to know more about me and all those with me in this adventure you can:

  • Follow my day to day, how I take care of myself, take a sneak peek into my wardrobe and see how all the creations are made on my blog my BLOG

  • You can also browse the minute by minute workings of the store and the organised events on my FACEBOOK  

  • Also travelling to trade fairs and attend events for work purposes, and occasionally, offering video tutorials, I will tell you all about this on my INSTAGRAM

  • • Finally, you will be able to enjoy my YOUTUBE channel where promotional videos, travel videos, events, parties etc. are posted ... This way you will become an Anabituber     



Once again, thank you very much, for visiting my home, now a little bit more yours ;)